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Jane Darling at 6yrs old

Jane Lynn Darling

Jane darling is a fictional character created by J.M Barrie seen in the alternate ending of peter pan 2003

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Jane at 12yrs old happy to see peter again



In an alternate ending based on Barrie's epilogue, included on the DVD release with unfinished special effects and no music, Peter returns to the London house 20 years later, finding Wendy as a grown mother. He is deeply hurt when she tells him she has grown up, and walks over to Wendy's daughter who is asleep in bed. His sobbing awakes the little girl, and she introduces herself as Jane. Peter grins excitedly at Wendy, and with her mother's permission, Jane flies away with Peter to Neverland. and becomes his and the mother to the lost boys.

Personality and Traits


jane is somewhat like her mother brave fearless and a talented sword fighter she is known to have a small rose clip in her hair and looks alot like her mother when she was 12yrs old, she loves adventure and is very excited all the same and would risk her life saving peter she has a huge crush on peter and when hook told her to give him her precious thimble she did without fear kissing him like it was her first kiss.
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Jane giving peter her "precious" thimble