Michael Darling

Michael Nicholas Darling is the youngest of the three children in the Darling family. He is around 4 years old, but Barrie states in Peter and Wendy that he still wears pinafores, and on his next birthday he'll start wearing shirts.

In Disney's film he wears pink footed pajamas, and carries a small teddy bear with him, even in the dream world of Neverland. He is quite sensitive. He looks up to his older sister Wendy and he sometimes bickers with John, his older brother.

In early drafts of the play, the character's name was "Alexander" or "Alex" (the name of Barrie's eldest brother), but was renamed after Michael Llewelyn Davies, who was born during the play's development, in 1900.

In the novel Peter Pan in Scarlet it is mentioned that Michael has died in the War. He does not appear in Disney's sequel Return to Never Land, except abstractly in the clouds, in a brief echo of the original film at the beginning.